Cloud Solutions For
Containerized applications
Traditional applications
Monolithic legacy applications
Modernize and extend existing apps

Deployment Models
Public Cloud - GCP
Hybrid Cloud
Multi-cloud environments

Kubernetes Services
FQ can assist in deploying Kubernetes clusters on bare metal, local machine, GCP, private cloud and/or on-premise data center to accelerate DevOps, as well as to modernize traditional apps and existing infrastructure. We will integrate your Cloud products and services based on your resources and needs.

Traffic Management
Managing microservices at scale present new challenges. FQ can guide you to choose the best traffic management for your service mesh to seamlessly connect and secure networks, as well as deploy global load balancing across Kubernetes clusters and virtual machine instances in multi-zone / regions.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud
Containers orchestrated by Kubernetes are lightweight and portable in multi-cloud environments for resource management and sophisticated traffic policy. Depending on your use case and resources, our FQ team can provide proposals and proof of concepts for the Kubernetes-centric approach.

Developing a Cloud strategy - key factors to consider

Keep your business operating in unprecedented times with globally distributed and resilient services.

  • With the current Covid-19 pandemic, cloud solutions for business - big or small - is imperative for success. Fortunately, cloud computing has become easier to adopt with must-have features readily available. Selecting the best technologies for improved speed and elasticity is now more vital than ever.
  • Choose a Kubernetes installation type based on: ease of maintenance, security, control, available resources, and expertise required to operate and manage clusters.
  • As Kubernetes becomes the industry standard, leverage a universal control plan for compute, network and data to work across private, public and hybrid clouds.
  • When evaluating a solution for a production environment, consider your preferred method of operation: to manage yourself or offload to a provider.
  • Hybrid deployments combine the benefits of both public and private cloud such as enhanced innovation, speed, regulatory compliance and performance.
  • Modernize your company's applications and data with a multi-cloud approach for a more balanced performance, higher security and optimal cost effectiveness.
  • Leverage the best traffic management to keep your services up and running by deploying it across multiple regions and delivering global load balancing with automatic cross-region overflow and failover.


Development Services
Leverage cloud features such as scaling, intelligent orchestration, self-healing and global infrastructure.
FQ can assist your team in building new and modern applications based on containers and microservices.
For existing apps, we can containerize the app to improve availability and efficiency with better development experience.

SaaS Deployment Services
FQ will help to set up DevOps automation with CI/CD tooling for your continuous delivery.
For security, we leverage sophisticated observation tools for monitoring, tracing and logging on infrastructure and application environments.
Manage highly available apps with built - in security measures such as isolation policies, private registries, encryption, etc.

Business Modernization
FQ can work with you to leverage the latest features:
Modernize existing applications to deploy anywhere.
Implement modern build, test and deployment pipeline for fast and secure delivery.
Monitor and manage applications, services and infrastructure.
Transform that will lead the way forward in the years to come.