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Video and Content Creation
Corporate IT

FQ Systems is a Silicon Valley based company that started with a mission to offer the best end-to-end integrated solutions to customers around the world. Now, we are proud to have over 25 years of experience and achievements integrating hardware, software, and platforms for the Business and Corporate marketplace. As the market is constantly changing, we are continuously learning and delving into the lastest technogies to adapt with the rapidly moving industry. Our in-depth experience with Private Cloud prompted us to further explore Cluster integration using the industry-leading technologies. After many years of dedication, we are now confident in our expertise with application containers, microservices architecture, and contrainer orchestration to ultimately offer the best end-to-end integrated solution for our customers. Our extensive industry experience and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System compliance ensure the highest quality workmanship for your system and cloud integration needs.


Custom System Integration
Purpose-Built Appliances
Server-Appliance-Embedded Systems
OEM/Embedded Server-based Solutions
High Performance Computing Servers From bare metal to production-ready building blocks

Rack Integration Services
Rack components configuration and integration
Cabinet power - network switch and cable installation
FW, BIOS, OS, and Software image configuration
Cabling - Testing - Labeling - Documentation
Complete QA and inspection

Global Logistics
Distribute safely and quickly across the globe
On-time order fulfillment
Global supply chain network
Inbound / outbound freight and transportation
Storage and warehousing management

Incident / Warranty Services
Effective tracking system for product history and warranty
Failure analysis reports for root causes and preventative actions
Troubleshooting, testing, and engineering assistance
Software version control for consistency
Advanced replacement program for SLA quick turnaround

Cloud-Based Products and Platforms - Now, Next, and Beyond

Application Modernization
Cloud-native Architectures
Private Cloud
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

The current global pandemic, unpredictable natural disasters, and unpredented times can present a new level of business uncertainty. Cloud technology has never been more important. Cloud technology is a vital tool to help sustain business operations, empower the remote workforce, and cultivate an efficient and scalable organization with cloud security compliance.

FQ offers a full spectrum of:
Demo and POC for Cloud-based products
Cloud-based Engineering Services
Development and Operation Services
SaaS Deployment and Monitoring

Legacy and Cloud-native Applications
Cloud features are rapidly evolving, causing disruptions to your business as you learn to accomodate to the changes. FQ can assist your business in selecting the right technology for your business needs.

Cloud Platforms
FQ leverages Kubernetes-based cloud platforms, the orchestration engine used to ensure that applications on VM or cloud-native applications will operate across multiple regions and beyond.

Cloud Solutions
FQ will work with you in understanding your industry's challenges and demands to effectively implement a cloud solution that supports: workload scale and diversity, high availability, and industry-standard security.